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Nigel Amies Historical Education

Working with schools, museums, and at public events

Photo: Ancient House Museum

About me

My Story

With a MA in English History, I work with schools, museums and historical sites covering social and military history

My work includes education, entertainment, promotion of local tourism and academic research

Here's a testimonial from a recent client:

"Nigel supported The British Museum with its Roman Weekend during the ‘Nero: the man behind the myth’ exhibition in July 2021. He brings a wealth of credible and robust subject knowledge and expertise alongside authentic replica equipment and objects. His approachable and friendly nature ensures that visitors have a truly enjoyable experience and offers opportunities for meaningful engagement. Nigel is adept at reading the visitor and provides an experience curated on the spot for the individual, group or inter-generational family, making them feel comfortable and at ease whilst introducing the basics, or furnishing a keen academic with first hand experiences of living history. Nigel is a highly recommended professional, a delight to work with, and I look forward to welcoming him back for events in the future."

Martin Payne, British Museum (Head of Schools and Young Audiences)

I have a large collection of authentic costume, equipment, handling objects, photographic and audio resources. I own a wide variety of replica weaponry, longbow and working muskets, which I am fully licensed and trained to use and demonstrate safely

Historical periods I cover include:

Roman: The life of a legionary soldier and citizen in 1st-Century Britain

Medieval: Viking life and warfare, Medieval warfare (including archery demonstration) and domestic life

Tudor: Religion, exploration, clothing, food, music, song, dance, domestic life, rebellion, military tactics, weaponry, musket/archery demonstration

Stuart: The Gunpowder Plot, the English Civil Wars (including military drill, musket-firing demonstration), Witchfinder General, the Great Plague and the Fire of London

Georgian: Thomas Paine, George Vancouver (exploration), American Revolution, Royal Navy, musket-firing demonstration

Napoleonic: The life of a sailor or Royal Marine in 'Nelson's Navy' of 1805; the Battle of Trafalgar, warfare, military drill and tactics, musketry demonstration, music, dance and song

Victorian: Crime and punishment, empire (soldier), transportation, every day life, child labour. Policeman, prison officer (or convict), magistrate, teacher, soldier, sailor, working man

WW1: The life of a British infantryman (using uniform, weaponry, handling objects as well as contemporary cartoons, posters and songs), Royal Flying Corps, Royal Navy, Volunteer Training Corps (i.e. Home Guard), life on the Home Front

WW2: 'Home Front': Many aspects including rationing, Civil Defence, ARP, women in wartime, music, dance, Home Guard, drill, weaponry (including gun-firing demonstration), political/military background

WW2: Army: Fully-equipped infantryman. Royal Navy: an ordinary sailor's life in wartime, communications (morse, semaphore etc), life on board ship (includes handling objects, photographic images and spare uniforms)

1950s: Local history and characters, Home Guard/Civil Defence 1952-56, 1950s army life, drill sergeant

Other topics and characters can be covered upon request


“Whilst working for the National Army Museum, I booked Nigel to work with me for a nationwide tour of education outreach to commemorate Waterloo 200. Nigel came highly recommended to me from the historical interpretation circuit, and I was thoroughly impressed with the service he provided. He knew his character inside out, and was thoroughly versed in the story behind his period kit and weaponry. Nigel was eager and ready to engage with the general public of all ages, and his passion for historical interpretation held our audience in rapt attention. His professionalism, good humour and willingness to pitch in made him a pleasure to work with, and I would dearly like to work with him in future, and have no hesitation in recommending him to others.”

Mr David Graves, formerly of the National Army Museum

“We visited [Bletchley Park] today and I’d like special thanks to be given to the gentleman in uniform in the mansion, he was demonstrating some guns and uniforms then did the drill out on the grass. My 18 year old has autism and usually does not speak to people but engaged a lot with him, partly because this gentleman was really knowledgeable and could see my son was interested. I don’t know if he had realised he has autism, but he was brilliant with my son. Who even asked to join in the drill, he has never ever asked to take part in something like this and I initially was worried he may be laughed at for being 18 and doing a kids activity but the gentleman was perfect. He ‘got him’, which is really rare and has made me so happy I’m still smiling many hours later. This guy really made our day.”

Bletchley Park visitor

"Fantastic talk by @NigelAmies on WW1 cartoons, songs & poems today @timetidemuseum. Loved discovering that even soldiers were collectors in the war, often searching for souvenirs on the front line - including fuse tops on unexploded shells!!"

Jennifer Hooker, of Norfolk Museums' Service

“Nigel is utterly professional in all his presentations. His sheer knowledge of history is impressive. Children are enthralled by his performances and eager to learn more. If children wait behind to ask questions he will give up his time freely because it is obvious he loves his work and imparting his knowledge. He sees it as a vocation rather than a job and hence I have no hesitation in recommending Nigel to any school wanting an historical presentation that engages the audience, entertains and educates.”

Mr Irving Newton, Head of History, Langley at Taverham Hall Preparatory School

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